You can find “Education Assembly” not only in Kyiv but also in other cities of Ukraine. The desire to make a better future united north and south, east and west of Ukraine.

We decided to show you our friends and colleagues, organizing interesting events in different cities of Ukraine.


Meet us!

“Education Assembly” is not just a project. It is a big family where everyone aspires to improvement and feels support of those who hold the same views.
Assembly has undoubtedly something special. Something that marks it out from other projects. Maybe it is that ordinary students are those who created it, and they believe in what they do and despite all difficulties never lose heart. And maybe it is the unity that comes along with the study and makes people really much closer.
Future belongs to us, people who aspire to development, change and creating something new.
Join “Education Assembly”, let’s change for the better together!”

Maria Papailo, “Education Assembly – Odesa”.

Contacts: 0 95 032 26 40    facebook   vk   instagram_app_large_may2016_200

“Self-education is the only form of real education. “Education Assembly” gives everyone the opportunity to obtain useful knowledge that can not be obtained at school or university. “Education Assembly” is the project that unites and educates those better sons and daughters of Ukraine. I think that it is the project that can bring up new generation. We face the future because knowledge belong to us”

Olena Parshakova, “Education Assembly – Lviv”.

Contacts:  0 93 192 57 30  facebook  vk   instagram_app_large_may2016_200

“Education Assembly” is a source of patriots of the new type. It is young people who realise that devoting to education of those around you makes your country stronger and a little more fair

Oleksandr Andriushchenko, “Education Assembly – Kremenchuk”

Contacts: 0 63 759 56 60     facebook   vk


“Having faced the situation of lack of diversified and free education, I started looking how to eliminate that shortage. “Education Assembly” became such an answer. That project will alow me and all of you think much broader. Today you can find out about your civil rights, and tomorrow – travel through space, mastering cutting-edge technologies.

Can you say it’s not cool? Where else it is possible? Only with us, “Education Assembly”. Join us!”

Bohdan Vizyr, “Education Assembly – Dnipro”.

Contacts: 0 66 431 26 33   facebook   vk